Smt. Sudhamayee Dhamodharan

Sudhamayee (Sudha) Dhamodharan was initiated into dance under Smt Pushkala Gopal. She later did her arangetram and performed under legendary Gurus Kalaimamani K.J. Sarasa and Guru Smt. Padmini Ravi. As an adult returning to dance, she studied briefly under Kalaimamani Dr. Srekala Bharath. She continues to further her learning under Guru Padmini Ravi, and develop better understanding of Thalam and Layam from Dhamodharan Srinivasan. She founded SriArts. SriArts aims to spread the joy of dance and music. SriArts conducts various workshops, in person and virtual, organizes dance and music concerts She also conducts classes at Kulture Kool. A certified k-12 teacher from NCERT, she is a very passionate and dedicated teacher. Her students have been very well received in the tri state area and perform regularly at various venues, temples and events.